Life to Eagle Advancement Process

Eagle Scout Badge

The Boy Scouts of America Life to Eagle Process is explained in the Guide to Advancement and in the Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook. Both can be downloaded from these links:

Guide to Advancement
Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook

The Armadillo District Advancement Chair is Gary Rutenberg,, 512-388-5387.

The following instructions are provided to the Eagle candidate at the time the Eagle Service Project Proposal is approved by the District Advancement Committee. These instructions are consistent with the Guide to Advancement and the policies of the Capital Area Council as of December 2013.

These instructions assume the candidate has already completed the requirements for participation (Requirement #1), merit badges (Requirement #3) and position of responsibility (Requirement #4). Those requirements, Requirement #5, and the Scoutmaster conference portion of requirement #6 must be completed before the candidate’s 18th birthday. Requirement #2, the life statement portion of requirement #6 and completion of the Eagle Application may be completed before or after the candidate’s 18th birthday. The Eagle Board of Review should normally occur before or within 90 days after the candidate’s 18th birthday.

  1. The Scout will send out the requests for letters of recommendation. A suggested template for requesting the letters is here: Sample Request for Eagle Scout Letter of Recommendation  (Requirement #2). Send an email to the District Advancement Chair with the names and contact information (address, telephone number, email address) of the people from whom you requested letters of recommendation. The District Advancement Chair will contact anyone on this list who does not provide a letter of recommendation.
  2. Complete the project plan and execute your project, complete the project workbook and obtain final signatures (Requirement #5). Email a copy of the completed workbook and all attachments to the District Advancement Chair.
  3. Complete your Scoutmaster conference (Requirement #6).
  4. Write the life statement (Requirement #6) and email a copy to the District Advancement Chair.
  5. Completing the Eagle Application
    1. If your troop uses Troopmaster or other software, request a copy of the Eagle Application Assistance Report from the troop. This will have most or all the dates you need to complete the Eagle Application.
    2. Complete the Eagle Rank Application form (fillable pdf or paper) and obtain all signatures except those for Ms. Smeaton and the Board of Review.
    3. Take the completed application with original signatures along with your life statement to Ms. Smeaton at the Council office. You also need to take a copy of the Eagle Application Assistance Report or equivalent as documentation you have satisfied the Participation and Position of Responsibility requirements as these are not otherwise reported to the Council. Ms. Smeaton will verify the form you have completed and sign it.
    4. Pick up these original documents from the Council office and guard it carefully. Bring the original application to your Board of Review to be signed.
    5. Send a copy of the Eagle application with Ms. Smeaton’s signature to the District Advancement Chairman.
  6.  Once the District Advancement Chairman has all the required documents he/she will designate a District Advancement Committee member to chair the board of review and to select the board members.
  7. After the Board signs the Eagle Application, the Scout should immediately make several copies. Take the original signed application, signed project workbook and your life statement to Ms. Smeaton at the Council office. She will process it and notify you when the National office has approved your advancement. Ms.Smeaton’s contact information is 512-617-8610 or Note: You may not use electronic signatures on the Eagle project workbook; the original document must be signed in ink. Only the Scout executive has electronic signature capability. Questions regarding the process can be directed to the District Advancement Committee Chair. District Advancement Committee members are available to meet with troops to discuss the Life to Eagle process.