Timelines for Eagle Candidates

Eagle Scout BadgeSpring is typically a busy time for the Armadillo Advancement Committee. District Eagle candidates tend to submit their service project proposal at this time in anticipation of completing their project while the weather is nice or during the summer. Also, candidates are thinking about completing Eagle so that the rank can be listed on their college applications. This can create a backlog in proposal reviews by the dedicated Advancement Committee volunteers.

Please be aware of the time frames typically required to complete Eagle requirements as you make your way through the District approval process.

The following time frames are averages for the District over the past 5 years:

  • Time from Eagle project proposal submission to District approval – 30 days

    (This includes any revisions that may need to be made for the proposal to be accepted by the District)

  • Time from submitting the Eagle Application to the Council until appointing a Board of Review Chair – 25 days

    (This includes application verification by the Scout office and receiving all materials required for the Scout’s Eagle Board)

  • Time to Eagle Board of Review after a Chair is appointed – 17 days

In addition to the above, it normally takes a month or two for a Scout to plan and receive approvals from their Unit Leaders and project beneficiaries. Further, an average candidate needs about 4 to 5 months to complete their project and to fulfill all other Eagle requirements before they submit their application for Eagle to Council.

If you have questions about the above, please contact Gary Rutenberg, Armadillo Advancement Committee Chair.