3 Things to Do to Get Ready for Popcorn Sales!

2017 Popcorn imageHow do you run a successful Popcorn fundraiser? Planning ahead can make the difference between having a lackluster sales campaign and generating enough money to fund your unit activities!

Here are three must-do items for May to have a successful Unit Popcorn Program:

  1. Use the Ideal Year of Scouting Budget Planner  (Excel format or PDF format) with your Unit Committee to set your annual budget and funding plan.
    This Planner can help your unit set sales goals to support the activities and supplies you want for your Scouting program. It helps if the Scouts know what they’re aiming for!
  2. Review the Council’s Popcorn page to learn key dates.
    Put the council selling dates into your unit calendar at the beginning of the summer. The success of your unit’s campaign can be tied directly to talking about the Popcorn program early and often.
  3. Register your Unit online with the Capitol Area Council for the Trail’s End Program as soon as the link is available.
    Click “Register Your Unit Today” on the popcorn page. You’ll get materials, training, and more information about conducting a successful campaign.

Participating in popcorn sales give Scouts the motivation to learn about sales and business even at a young age. They learn how to support their unit, the Capitol Area Council programs, and the morale of military members and veterans through Popcorn donations. And they earn prizes and scholarships from Trail’s End!

Include popcorn in your annual planning – it will pay off in the end!