Five Reasons to Step Up for Scouts!

Step Up for Scouts is the theme of the Capitol Area Council’s annual Friends of Scouting campaign, giving families an opportunity to contribute financially to support Scouting in Central Texas.  Did you know that none of the dues you pay when you recharter stay at the Council level?

Here are five reasons you should Step Up for Scouts:

  1. Your contribution helps more youth participate in Scouting. One in four Scouting families in Central Texas receives financial aid for their Scouting program. Your contribution makes Scouting possible for those who otherwise might not have that opportunity.
  2. Your contribution supports Scouting facilities and equipment. The facilities and equipment at Lost Pines, Cub World, Smilin’ V, Green Dickson, and others are subsidized by Friends of Scouting. The fees you pay when you attend Scouting events cover only part of the cost of operation and maintenance.
  3. Your contribution supports our local service center. The Frank Fickett Scout Training and Service Center is home to the Scouting professionals who assist our volunteers in delivering the program. From keeping records to answering questions, from printing Join Scouting flyers to facilitating training – our service center makes sure that things get done.
  4. Your contribution helps makes Scouting safe. Friends of Scouting helps pay for training for volunteer leaders and professional to make sure we are delivering a quality program. It also pays for insurance to protect our youth members, volunteers, staff, and property.  You wouldn’t want it any other way.
  5. Your contribution helps us to fulfill our promise. 9,000 registered adult volunteers spend countless hours, supported by 30 trained professionals, to deliver the Scouting program in Central Texas. Friends of Scouting provides the resources we need to make this possible.

Are you ready to join other Scouting families who have already pledged to Step Up for Scouts? Make your contribution when asked by your unit Friends of Scouting coordinator or visit today!